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We know that the minute you or your loved one places The RUGged Man on, his confidence will soar like an eagle. He'll be able to do things that his receding hairline restricted him from doing like, swimming, dancing and playing bingo. Go ahead and walk up to the buffet of life because it's once again OPEN FOR BUSINESS!



product image The RUGged Man Advanced Hair System (88-101)

Price: $9.99 plus shipping

Description: The perfect gift for the man who has everything... except his hair. Here you get the newer compact box which includes our advanced hair system, sleek chin strap, "I Got Shagged" decal, and hilarious instruction manual. Comes in high-traffic neutral pile; perfect for color matching! (Size of box: 8.4" x 5.4" x 1.1")

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Available November 2010

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