Released September 9, 2012


(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

On June 21, 2012 in Boise Idaho at "Boozers Nightclub", Wilbur Bookwalter suffered a severe cougar attack.  "It was a dark environment and  I really didn't see them coming.  All of a sudden, 3 or 4 very well dressed cougars quickly surrounded me and then attacked.  The next thing I remember was waking up in a  strange place. But my RUGged Man was still securely attached.  While I was scared, I sort of enjoyed the whole experience" says Bookwalter.

"The old and experienced emaciated cougars were simply looking for an easy meal. They had been hiding in the darkness for quite some time waiting for their prey and Bookwalter just walked into their trap. He was there at the right time" says investigating agent, Carl Melluphead at the recent press release.

"Bookwalter is lucky, because his story is nothing new, especially when sporting these new hair systems" said Melluphead.  "We have seen a drastic increase over the last 3 months with these types of cougar attacks and the public needs to be aware of this. I wish the people at RUGged Man Advanced Hair Systems would not make these so undetectable. It just does something to excite the tigers."

Corporate management strongly advise users of the RUGged Man Advanced Hair System to exercise extreme caution when approached by wildlife.  If approached, move slowly and do nothing to excite these cougars.


Wilbur Bookwalter, at Boozer's Nightclub, sitting exactly where he suffered a severe cougar attack.

(Photo Credit: Herbys All Purpose Photos & Yarn)