Reverend Jesse Jackson meets Richard Korbyl



(July 25, 2011 - Chicago, Illinois)


Not only did the Chicago Cubs beat the Huston Astros in extra innings, but a meeting of great minds took place in the  Wrigley Field grandstand. 

Reverend Jesse Jackson, who is known best as the Leader of the American Right Movement was in attendance as was Richard Korbyl, the leader in advanced hair therapy and CEO of The RUGged Man Advanced Hair System.

They spoke briefly and shared some stories and few laughs.  "When I look back at that meeting, I can easily summarize the similarities between the two of us.  Firstly, we're fans of the Chicago Cubs.  But secondly and more importantly, we help people feel better about themselves.  I think that's essential in today's society"  says Korbyl.

The meeting was cut short when Korbyl was forced to leave for another appointment.  "I am really sorry I couldn't autograph Rev. Jackson's baseball cap but I am sure our paths will cross again..." said Korbyl