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RUGged Man Advanced Hair System

November 2013

Get back your hair and your confidence with the RUGGED MAN advanced Hair system. Say hello to success and hello to the ladies! !

demoDiaries Of a RUGged Man.


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Reverend Jesse Jackson Meets The RUGged Man

July 25, 2011

demoSee why the leader of the American Rights Movement meets with The Leader in Advanced Hair Therapy at Chicago's iconic Wrigley Field.

Recent Events:

Celebrities Love The RUGged Man!

November 8, 2013

Jason Alexander, aka George Castanza from the block buster show, Seinfeld, tweets about the RUGged Man (R)!

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Arlene Dickinson, co-star of the CBC television show, The Dragons' Den meets up with The RUGged Man (R)!

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The RUGged Experience in Photos

Above you will see a collection, or should I say, a jubillee of RUGged experiences. You can see the early days, our trip to The Dragons' Den, and even some RUGged sightings. Stay tuned for updates. If you're a proud user, (...and why wouldn't you be?) why not take a snap shot and send it our way? The RUGged nation would love to hear from you.