You'll get noticed with The RUGGED MAN Advanced Hair System.

Our clients are proclaiming that they are getting dates, jobs, and even promotions with The RUGGED MAN.

"...thanks RUGGED MAN!"

Fast Eddy

I have always enjoyed the fruits of life as far as I can remember. I was the captain of the high school football team and the class president, always having the prettiest woman around my arm. With my long flowing locks, I was the pinnacle of confidence. But things began to change. In college, my fraternity brothers joked about my thinning hair line and for the first time, I lacked the confidence that I was famous for. I began to second guess my every move.

Later on, as my business life flourished, my self image floundered. Comb overs, cowboy hats, numerous hair system purchases and a failed hair transplant left me in financial ruins but even worse, left me in a spiritual abyss. Then, as if a message from above, I saw the Rugged Man commercial and I once again ruled my world. Who would have thought this invention would let me taste the fruits of life again. Life is sweet!

Fast Eddy




Neds Night Of Heaven

I knew I was in trouble from an early age. My father was bald at the age of 18 and his father at the age of 16. So, as my forehead became more prominent, I knew something had to be done. I so desperately searched for a solution . I had visited the library, consulted with my parish priest and even called those "900" phone numbers.

Little did I know, that a small box with the name , The "RUG"ged Man Advanced Hair System, would instantly change my life. I wear it everywhere and can do anything. Because of the sleek chin strap, I am the only one aware of the "top up". I have since enjoyed a life of party, fun and frolic. And, I now have women asking for my phone number, a modeling job, and a part time job! Wow!!!! Thanks "RUG"ged Man!

Ned P.






If you are not living life on the edge, you are taking too much space. This is my Mantra. But, I began finding it difficult to follow this creed as my hair began to thin. I was forced to take the bus, and I have to admit, I rarely dated. I tried everything to compensate for my hair loss. Hair spray, tonics, and weaves just got in my way. So the minute I placed the "RUG"ged Man Advanced Hair System on, I knew it was for me. The comfort and stability simply amazed me. I am once again back to fast cars and fast women. The "RUG"ged Man and life on the edge......a perfect match." Thanks "RUG"ged Man!!!!






Dear "RUG"ged Man,

I wanted to let you and others know my story. A little while ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with everything around me. But, with all this activity, my life was boring! I lacked the energy, the self assurance and of course the drive to make a difference. I was simply getting tired with my life.

I had tried all those self improvement fads such as aroma therapy, chiropractors, doctors, surgeons and religion . But nothing helped until I saw your commercial for the "RUG"ged man! I quickly ordered an advanced hair system and I have to say, it changed my life instantly. People now eagerly greeted me. Women revered in my new found appearance and attitude. I was happier and more active than have ever been. But more importantly, I found a new sense of self confidence. Now, I can't imagine a more exciting life! Thanks, "RUG"ged Man!

Ken X.





Hi RUGged Man,

I want to share a story with you. It was yet another annual ritual which I was forced to endure.  It was my birthday.  Sure I was happy to get gifts like socks, sweaters and canned meat (SPAM is my favorite).  But I knew that I was just getting older, and not just wiser.   I used to look proudly in the mirror and see a man of confidence, a man of strength, and a man who could easily dominate a game of checkers.   But, my hair was like my memories…. fading into the sunset.  Thank goodness that I received one these best gifts ever at my birthday party, a RUGged MAN advanced hair system.

I quickly put it on, even without reading the instruction manual, and everyone around me was in amazement.  Uncles and aunts reveled in my new found confidence.   Friends and co-workers, greeted me with up most respect.  I even got to dance with that cute little Ethel, from the steno pool.   Wow, things are really looking up.  I even bought a fresh pair of underwear.  You know….. the kind with the pouch!

Let me tell you….. I really feel RUGGED.  Thanks RUGged MAN


Lester Z.






To whom it may concern,

I used to stay at home and feel depressed, lonely and sad.  I would often shut the blinds, turn off the lights and sharpen my knives while listening to the haunting melodies of Buffy St. Marie.  My constant visits to doctors, dentists and homeopaths proved to be all unsuccessful.   I still woke up in the morning with a general feeling of malaise.  My doctor suggested that I try a new hobby like crafts, but the macramé steering wheel cover that I made didn’t help me.   My dentist told me to floss more often but I all got was bleeding gums.  And my homeopath told me apply a greasy suave to my left ear, but the phone kept slipping off my ear.   It was that meaningful day when I walked into the dry goods store and saw the light.  It was as if The RUGged Man was calling me. 

I quickly paid for the product, strapped in on and I knew something was different.  I wasn’t walking in circles anymore.  I could walk, and almost prance, in a straight line.  People walked by and often said, “Hello Sir, are you alright today?”.   Nobody ever talked to me on the street before.   Wow…. I was popular again.  I am ready to take on this world.  Thanks RUGged Man for giving me my life back.  Or as my idol, Buffy St. Marie sang; "I am up where I belong"

Mel E.


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